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Mastering Life Podcast Site

Life can seem very complex and overwhelming at times.
The reality is though, it doesn’t have to be that way; it’s really a very simple game!

These Mastering Life episodes offer a multitude of inspiring insights – based upon teachings from some of the world’s most eminent practitioners, as well Paul’s own considerable and diverse life experiences.


Affirming Inspirational Messages (AIM):

These episodes are based on Paul sharing his own thoughts & experiences – as well as insightful interviews – around Mastering Life

New episodes are released every Tuesday.

Health | Others | Wealth (HOW):

Quick 5-10 minute insights into key areas based on the HOW approach – focusing on these crucial areas of Mastering Life.

New episodes are released every Thursday.

Wonderful Inspiring Memories (WIN):

A touch of nostalgia, providing magical memories around meaningful pleasures – such as music and sport – that contribute to Mastering Life

New episodes are released every Saturday (from December 1st 2018).